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There is always more to discover about Mecca

Visiting Mecca is always related to religious traditions Hajj pilgrimage and Umrah. Sometimes you visit a city several times thinking that you have already visited every place there and there is nothing else to do. This is the case most of the times with Mecca, as most of the travelers to Mecca always seek this place for religious reasons only.

Many airlines offer great opportunities to different destinations in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabians have the chance to revisit this holy city with a different eye. Flynas gives Saudi Arabians the chance to experience the visit of Mecca in a different way. It presents special offers every day for trips to Mecca from any city in the Kingdom.

There is no doubt that the history of such a holy city is worth witnessing. Mecca witnessed the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras.

Religious sight-seeing in Mecca

Being a Muslim makes it impossible to visit Mecca without practicing Hajj or Umrah and visiting the holy Kaaba and the Grand Mosque to experience the ultimate spiritual feeling for every Muslim. But Mecca holds many different touristic sight-seeing, some of them are:

Museum of the Prophet

This museum is dedicated to study the Quraan and Hadiths (traditions) of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). It displays some furniture, weapons used by the prophet.

Mecca Museum

This Museum presents Saudi Arabia’s most important archaeological discoveries from the pre-Islamic era. It also displays a wide range of Arabic calligraphy inscriptions discovered in Archaeological missions.

Cave of Thor

This is the famous cave among Muslims where Prophet Mohamed hid from Quraysh tribe with his companion Abu Bakr Al Seddik. The cave is located in a small mountain which is about 3 km south the Grand Mosque. The journey to climb the mountain takes 30 minutes by car or taxi.

Touristic sight-seeing in Mecca

Al Hukair funland

This is an amusement park in Mekka, it has large areas where families can be gathered. It also has exciting rides for children.

Al Saqqaf Palace

It is an old palace of King Abd El Aziz and King So`oud ibn Abd El Aziz. It is a great historical building representing the Islamic architecture and the beautiful Arabian designs. It consists of many floors; the main entrance door is the center of the palace. There are also other smaller entrances, an extension to the palace was added in the reign of King Abd El Aziz.

Shopping in Mecca

You can shop in Mecca in many malls and shops offering different brands. Mecca Mall and Al Diyafa Mall are the best places where you can enjoy the pleasure of luxury shopping.

Best season to visit Mecca

Cheap flights to Mecca are usually not available during the season of Hajj and Ramadan, as Muslims from all over the world head to Mecca on Hajj season and Umrah in Ramadan. The remaining months of the year your chance to find a reasonable flight ticket is great. You can enjoy different suitable offers to Mecca from any Saudi Arabian city through booking on Flynas. You can also check and book flynas flights at tajawal website where you can find many choices of flights and hotels, many suggestions and helpful tips.

Hotels in Mecca

In Mecca you can find any category of accommodation that suits you; there are many different varieties in the hotels of Mecca. If you are looking to live a luxurious experience, then you should choose among the best 5- star hotels in Mecca such as; Sheraton Makkah Jabal Al Kaaba, Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel, Dar Al Tawhid Intercontinental Makkan. If you want to enjoy the breath-taking view of the holy Kaaba, Abraj Al Bait Towers, and King Fahd Gate, then you should choose Movenpick hotel and residence Hajar tower Makkah. Abraj Al beit is also highly recommended for those who are looking for a luxurious accommodation and Ibrahim El Khalil Street where the Well of Zamzam, the Kaaba, and Al Diyafa Mall are close.

If you are looking for a comfortable, affordable and cozy hotel, there are some hotels that may be suggested such as; Nawazi Ajyad hotel is a 3-star hotel where some rooms enjoy the view of Haram. It is also within a 5-minute walk to Kaaba. Casablanca Makkah is a 3-star small comfortable hotel, it is about 5 km from Kaaba. Makarem Um Alqura hotel is a perfect combination between being a 5-star hotel located close to Kaaba and being an affordable one.

Restaurants in Mecca

Of course, you can find the best restaurants in the luxurious hotels in Mecca Online, but if you are craving something new, then you should try Asian plates at Green Chili South Asian restaurant. It offers different food that varies from different Asian countries. You can also try Al Deyafa restaurant; it serves international food from different countries and it has a breathtaking view on the Haram. You enjoy your meal in a peaceful restaurant surrounded by the most peaceful place on earth.

If you are one of those who loves the Arabian food, so you may try Al Atbaq restaurant. It also serves Chinese and Pakistani food.

Mecca is a holy city that most of Muslims seek to visit to live the ultimate spiritual and peaceful experience and to practice the religious traditions. But you will always find new experiences and new things to live anywhere, even in a place where you think that you have been through its all details. Always think out of the box. There are always new things to discover everywhere.