Running a successful business is a big challenge. With the world moving so fast these days, you have to keep up with lots of latest trends of doing business. The online world is the best platform for marketing your business, especially through the PPC or the Pay-Per-Click ads.

Why opt for PPC is a very common question many businesses ask us these days. The simplest answer to this question is, if you want your business to thrive then being popular alone is not everything; you have to be number 1 in the market as well! This is why, when it comes to Google search, you should be at the top.

So, let’s see how you can get the number 1 spot in Google search.

PPC advertisements results in an increased revenue

PPC advertisements results in an increased revenue

Establish Your Target Audience

Determining your target audience is really important. If your business involves babies and children clothing, then your target audience should be women above the ages of 20 years. Men usually don’t buy baby clothes and thus do not constitute  your target market.

Now, all you have to do is to focus on targeting the keywords mothers mostly put in while using Google. Your budgeting for the PPC should also be done according to the number of ads which you will be using for your target audience. Once you have established your target audience, you can now actually work on your ad campaign.

Work Out on Your Ad Campaign –  Or Better Take Some Professional Help

Your ad campaign plays a vital role in establishing some of the top class PPC ads. While, you can always work on developing your own Pay-Per-Click advertisements, it is always recommended to take help from the professionals.

Your advertisements should highlight your main products. Your ads should tell the client about what makes your business stand apart from the competitors. You should focus on the use of appropriate keywords for showing on Google. Addition of creative slogans in the ads also attract the potential clients and you get the maximum chance of increased revenues for your business.

If the process seems daunting to you, then you should definitely go with hiring professionals. It is going to be an investment which will definitely pay you off sooner rather than later.

You should always keep in your mind the following points whenever you are starting with an ad campaign:

  • Take Help From KeywordToolExternal Even if you are a whiz at coming up with amazing keywords, you still need to make sure that your potential customers are actually using them in their searches. So, why does this matter? That’s because you are looking for clients who may be interested in your product. So, how can you go about it? All you need to do is to simply install KeywordToolExternal. This is a wonderful tool which shows you successful alternatives of your keywords and tells you about how competitive they can prove for your PPC ad campaign. This software also tells whether the particular keyword is searched by people in Google or not.
Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

  • Do Your Maths Once you have decided which keywords are going to work for you, with the help of KeywordToolExternal, all you need to do is some basic maths to calculate how much profit you are going to make with it. In other words, you have to find out the maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) of your business by comparing it with the estimated keyword CPC on the software. So, if your maximum CPC is $6 but you are just getting $5 as your keyword CPC, then you know that your keyword is not going to prove profitable for your business at all.

You can easily calculate your business’s maximum CPC through this formula:

          Maximum CPC = $500 x (1 – 0.30) x 1%  =  $3.50

  • Know What Your Competitor is Advertising Upon Just like you have some set successful keywords for the marketing Of your business, your competitor definitely has some patent keywords for the advertisement of his own campaign as well. If your competitior is running a successful business, then this clearly means that he has some wonderful keywords which are producing a lot of revenue for the business. So, how can you go about finding those keywords? For this purpose, you can download some amazing softwares which help you in analyzing the keywords being used by your competitors. You can always hire professionals who can help you in narrowing down those keywords and thus gaining an overall advantage over your business.
  • Advertise Your Unique Selling Point A PPC ad can be more successful if you add in your business’s Unique Selling Point (USP) in the advertisement as well. Every business has at least one USP and advertising about it effectively can yield more traffic to your website. So, if your clothing store sells superhero costumes for girls, a feature which definitely is not common with many competitors, then you should advertise about it in your campaign. You may never know that this USP may increase your sales to a maximum and convert all the traffic on your website into actual customers as well.
  • Make A Hard To Resist Offer It is a proven fact that businesses which make hard to resist offers happen to yield more revenue for themselves as compared to those who rarely come up with any. Make sure that your offer is practical, not unbelievable and is something your customer is likely to get highly attracted by. A Free Shipping, 50% Off, Buy 1 Get 1 Free or a Free Samples offer has never hurt the running of any business.
  • Be Creative Make sure that the copy of your ad is creative. Instead of long, boring phrases, be concise and to the point. Use words which instantly attract the customers. Make sure that your ads attract your potential and repel your non prospective customers. This is important because in return you are getting more sales and less wasted money. Make sure that the headline of your ad stands out from your competitor’s because it is the first thing your customer notices about your ad.

Make Sure That You Reach All Your Goals and Re-brand if Necessary

Your advertisements should be strong enough to maximize all your goals of attracting more and more customers, increasing your sales and thus having a fair amount of revenue each month.

However, you should also be open to the idea of rebranding your business whenever the need arise. How your ads are performing in the market can easily determining the need of readjusting or re-branding a campaign. You also need to focus on the fact that your ads are targeting the right customers and not the wrong ones.

If your PPC ads secure the first slot in the Google search for a few days then make sure that it stays there. For this purpose you have to keep on maintaining your ads and the whole campaign surrounding it.

Sensible use of proper Keywords is the secret behind every successful campaign

Sensible use of proper Keywords is the secret behind every successful campaign

Constantly Analyze and Optimize Your Ads

The most important rule of PPC is the optimization and analyzing of your ads. To make sure that your ads are performing what is needed from them, you have to constantly review your budgeting options. For this purpose you can install different softwares to review how much you are spending on every day daily. This can help you analyzing that you are not under or over spending money for your PPC ads. It is always recommended to go for professional help rather than experimenting on your own.

But, Optimize Sensibly

While, everyone asks you to optimize your ads, sometimes, over-optimization can become a problem as well. You should avoid it because:

  • Over-Optimization sometimes results in losing potential customers instead of gaining more. The result: your business’s revenue suffers. When you are over optimizing your ads, you are focusing only on your potential customers and, to be more specific, your regular customers. In this away, sometimes you miss other audience as well who might be interested in your products.

So, if you own a baby and children’s clothing shop and your target audience is the client between the ages of 20 to 35 years who reside within a 50 miles radius of your store, then maybe you need to further work on your target audience. Sometimes these specifications become really rigid and can exclude a lot of your potential clients as well.

You might be missing out on single and stay at home fathers who actually shop for their kids. You may also be excluding people who are in the stages of becoming grandparents. Even by excluding older teenagers you might be missing out on your potential customers, as many of them might be having their own nieces or nephews.

If you are living in a busy commercial area with a lot of work places, then make sure that you target the office workers as well, who otherwise might be too busy to shop quickly for a baby shower or even a birthday party.

So, do optimize your ads regularly but also make sure that you do not exclude your potential and future customers.

  • When you optimize your PPC ads according to the location of your potential customers, then there is a chance that you are losing on your potential customers as well. So, if you optimize your ads through geotargeting only, then you actually miss out a whole lot of your potential customers. Also, if you target your customers based on just yours and your competitor’s location, then you are again limiting your access to the potential customer as well.
Be really sensible about Geo-Targeting your potential clients

Be really sensible about Geo-Targeting your potential clients

While location based targeting is important, keep in your mind the fact that people have a lot of means of approaching different localities via different means of transport. This is why, you should also target those people who live within a 30 to 45 minutes of driving distance from your locality.

  • It is also recommended not to be too strict about time targeting while optimizing your PPC ads. If you focus too much on targeting your customers during the daytime and do not focus much on targeting them at night, then you are again missing out on a lot of potential customers as well.
  • Make sure that you are targeting your customers yet you are not being too adamant or too boring. Make sure that you do not collect too much personal data. If you are still not sure about my advice then remember that Target had to rethink its whole remarketing strategy, when it got too much involved with the products its potential clients were purchasing.  Remember, that you have to come off as an excellent business, not as some creepy stalker.

If you are not sure how to go about this rule, take help from Sites Matrix regarding the sensible optimization of your ad campaigns.

  • A simple way of making sure that your campaign does not go wrong due to over optimization, is to change one or a few of its features. However, if you add too many changes into your campaign and it fails to perform according to your expectations, then it becomes really difficult to analyze what actually went wrong at your side. In case you have made a lot of changes, simply go back to your initial campaign and find out what was the fault. however, if you have changed just one or two feature;s of your campaign, you have the exact idea of your problem. This is why it is recommended by the professionals to bring about just one change at a time and test it at each and every stage to see how your optimized campaign is performing.

PPC Tests Must to Try for a Successful Ad Campaign

Ad testing is a very important feature of PPC campaign optimization. Every ad of a campaign consists of lots of varying features. You can easily play with these features, and just that one right alteration can actually make you land with a highly successful ad.

This is why testing is extremely important!

However, you have to keep in your mind that what may work for your one campaign may not work for the other. This is why, whenever you test a campaign, make sure that you follow the much generalized tips I am  just going to give you here:

  1. Try Different Word Count

The word count of every PPC ad can make a big difference at making it successful. The word count also effects the white space of the ad and can affect how it looks visually to the potential customer. So, if you are making an ad copy consisting of 25 words, do experiment by extending it for up to 60 words or more. The different variation of an ad may lead to more people clicking on it.

2. Wake Up Your Inner Artist

We all have a creative person lying somewhere inside of us. While creating an ad copy, you should wake that part of yours up, and come up with something creative.

Potential customers always get attracted by ads which are creative and are simply catchy. These words and phrases, if properly, constructed can make your ad really successful. However, the experiment may not prove to be successful as well, this is why you should keep on testing, testing and testing!

Creativity - the secret ingredient behind a successful ad campaign

Creativity – the secret ingredient behind a successful ad campaign

Apart from coming up with a creative copy, you should focus on your ad’s heading as well, as this is something your potential customer notices right at the very first moment.

3. Set the Tone of Your Ad

You should set the tone of your ad according to what product you are selling. Your customers should be attracted to the tone of your ad. So, if you are selling a fire alarm system, then bring in a sense of urgency in your ad. “Protect your loved ones; install a fire alarm system immediately.” 

4. Be Careful About Indicating the Prices

Many experts recommend the indication of your product’s price in your ad copy. But, you have to be really careful regarding that. Whether your customers get compelled to click on the ad based on the pricing or not depends on the following factors:

  • If your product’s price is equal to or lower than your competitor’s then the potential customers are the most likely to click on your ad.
  • If you are offering better deals than your competitor, then your customer is the most likely to click on the ad.

However, your customer may not click on your ad if:

  • Your product is expensive, even if it is better in quality, as compared to your competitor’s.
  • Your deals are not better or as good as what your competitor is offering.

But, obviously you cannot guess everything on your own. You should test  your ad copy and see what works the best for you in the terms of PPC.

5. Bring In a Voice of Urgency in Your Ad

A sense of urgency in the ad can be a big factor in attracting a lot of customers towards your website. So, if you are dealing with household gadgets and you want to attract someone who is maybe looking for an air fryer, all you need to do is say, “Want to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Come here and buy from the limited range of Air Fryers before they are all gone!”

6. Experiment with Your Display URL

So, displaying your company’s URL makes common sense, right? Well you can always experiemtn by adding a sub folder to it as well. Sometimes, this can do wonders in yielding more number of clicks. So, instead of going for the basic, you can opt for

7. Sensible Use and Placement of Keywords

Keywords probably are the utmost important part of any ad campaign. All the good PPC professionals spend a lot of time in establishing keywords for a successful ad campaign.

Make sure that your keywords appear at least once in the heading of the ad copy, and a few times in the description as well. The impact of the placement of a certain keyword can be checked via an A/B Test.

Let’s see how you can go about A/B Testing your ad campaign in a successful manner for the yield of more PPC ads:

One of the key components of and PPC ad campaign is the A/B Testing. It helps you to keep in track the performance of your a campaign. A/B Testing helps you in fixing all the loopholes you may have missed while writing an ad copy and going through the other pre-requisitions.

How to Go About A/B Testing?

  • Decide What Needs to Be Tested

PPC ad testing is not rocket science. The best thing is that it has quite a few components and you can easily test them individually. A PPC ad starts with the Heading, followed by the ad copy known as the Body. It also consists of the link to the website and, most importantly, the keywords through which you are targeting your potential customers.

You can test one part individually at a time to find out what works or does not work for you. Just like I have mentioned above in this article, you have to make sure that your headline should have the keyword in it for making it show up in the search results as much as possible. Your headline should be short, and not more than of 5 to 6 words in total. If you can even shorten it more, the better it can be for having more clicks on your ad. Remember that it should convey the message clearly.

You can play with the headline and test which works the best through A/B Testing.

The body of your PPC ad should be catchy and tell the potential customers what they should expect from your business. Only an effective body can make your customers click on the link.

Keywords are really important for the successful running o your campaign. You have to come up with keywords which give better results in Google as compared to the others. You can test the keywords one at a time and then finally choose those which prove to be the most successful in the search results. Remember, the better is your keywords combination, the more clicks it will get and your business will get an immediate boost!

The link which you give to you website also plays a vital role in increasing your conversion. So, you do not always have to add the URL to your website in your PPC ad. Adding a link to the landing page yields in more traffic as the customers are directed to the product which they are looking for.

The A/B test depends upon the number of values you have for each variable. Depending upon them, you can go for AB, BA, BB or AA testing. However, your variable should make clear sense when combined together, and they should not be repetitive and conflict with each other.

So, What You are Testing For

So, you are running an A/B test, but do you have any idea what you are exactly testing for? Your goal should be clear in front of you since the beginning. PPC campaigns take up a fair part of your budgeting, so wasting that money is not an option. Whether you are testing to make more people buy from you or you are planning to make them fill out a survey form, your strategy should be well planned. In this way you will be able to analyze the result of your testing properly.

Analyze the Results Constantly

You have to keep track of  1) how many clicks your ads are getting through the conversion, and 2) the revenue you are getting from the ads.

When you bring in changes in your ads, you should test run them for at least a few days. If those ads do not produce fruitful results for you, then it means that you have to make the necessary changes. However, if you get desired result from your test, then just keep a track of them, and make changes later, if needed.

The conversion on your click through depends upon how many buyers end up at your landing page. If you experience a decline in that number, then it means that your ad needs some changed to be made in it.

ab testing

Some of the Best Practices You Should Adopt for A/B Testing

There is no secret to successful A/B testing, only some best practices to adopt.

  • Test one thing at a time. This can safe you from the hassle of finding out what it is which is actually affecting your conversion rate.
  • Do not go by your intuition. Derive your result from the data which you have collected.
  • Any or all the variations which you may be bring in your ad copy should be tested together so that you do not waste your time.
  • Whenever you make a change in your ad, make sure to test in its earliest stages.
  • Once you have got a successful ad running, keep on testing it regularly to see how effective it is.
  • Run your tests long enough to get at least a few thousand impressions.